Where do I pay rent?

Paying rent is made easy with our online portal for current tenants. 


Pay rent here! 

What electric provider should I use for my home?

We recommend Stream Energy for those of you who are looking for an energy provider. 


Learn more about their services here.

What if I have a problem with my internet or cable? 

If you are having an issue with the cable or internet service that we provide, contact Northland Cable. 


Emailing April is the best way to get your issue resolved fast! Her email is

What is the Stephenville Rents mailing address? 

P.O. Box 1827

Stephenville, Texas 76401

Is there anything I need to do if i'm moving out? 

We are sorry to see you go!


Please complete this move-out form 60 days prior to your move-out date.